How to perform a LINGAM massage

Massage the entire body beforehand, purposefully avoiding the penis. When he is comfortable, put some lubricate on his lingam (penis) and his testicles. Delicately rub the man’s testicles. Keep in mind, that his testicles are one the most sensitive regions of his body and try to massage with care. Rub on the top of the lingam (penis) where it meets the pubic bone. The perinium is located in the area between his testicles and his anus. This is often referred to as the male g-spot. Rub this area and massage with a strong touch. Massage the lingam from the base the the end, rubbing your hands on either side and reach from the base to the end and then letting go. After having done the upwards motion for some time, begin to change your massage so that you rub in a downwards motion. After this motion focus on the head of the lingam. Do not worry if his lingam has gone soft, it should harden up again. At this point you can take him to climax or you can back off and start the process again, aiming for a stronger orgasm.