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About Me

Welcome! My name is Daniel, your erotic naked Masseur

I am a Central London Naked Erotic male massage therapist that loves to start the beginning of the session with a great male massage,combining swedish ,sport and deep tissue massage techniques that will make a erotic massage experience you will never forget. My massage will be initiated with giving some light pressure in certain are in your body to make your body relaxed and ready.

I know how to make a man's tensions melt away. Come experience a male massage by a trained gay therapist who knows how to combine therapeutic and sensual.

Gay, straight, bisexual or curious men are all welcome to experience a one of a kind LONDON men's massage.

Wether you’re Gay, Straight, Bisexual, or just a little curious you will find relaxation on my table. I will make you feel comfortable and relaxed on my table. I own my own massage studio that has a shower facilities. I can perform my massage nude and mutual touch is allowed. You will receive a massage in london discreet full body experience that’s like no other with an incredible release.

I offer sensual and erotic NAKED massage with a soft touch that leads to a hot climax with body to body contact which will ensure you get the physical stimulation a man needs and desires.



Feeling anxious ?. Don't be. You are about to be put in the care of my strong hands . I enjoy making you comfortable in my private studio. My erotic-sensual massages are hand-tailored from the gentle touch to the very deep and penetrating…to aid you in the pleasure you are seeking. As I massage all over your body, feel free to touch me . Allow me to take over and introduce you to sensual spots you never have imagined. The erotic-exotic experience can be anything you desire, ask by calling me, I am extremely accommodating.


Naked Erotic Massages are by its very nature a sensual activity and should stir emotions and feelings of sexuality and sensuality.  


I do welcome all races, types and ages. I love my work and I do straight men quite a lot!
I am professional masseur with knowledge of spots massage, deep tissue, tantra, swedish and other types of a massage techniques- all with an erotic touch troughout.
If you had stressful day at work and looking for a professional london massage and erotic play, then I am here for discreet play in my central london studio!
I do choose the best techniques for my clients.
My muscled and beefed body that is ready for a hot mutual touching.
I have developed my own blend of techniques designed specifically for men delivered as only another man can appreciate :) you will feel yourself relaxing from head to toe while I eliminate that "excess tension" that comes from deep inside .
Using the strength of my whole body to deliver a intense result that is much more than a Gay London massage - its more like an intimate time with someone you already knew.
Whether you are gay, bi, or str8, call and come see me soon!
The TANTRA session is guided by serene, and RElAXING music. I ALWAYS begin with a thorough back massage to loosen both the body and mind. During this time I get to know your body and energy, and move your energy using my strong and intuitive hands, as well as my nude body, This continues to build when we begin working the front of the body, ending in full gratification.
My technique is HIGHLY ERoTIc and intimant, therapeutic, serene and erotic. It is greatly encouraged that you focus only on the sensations you feel at every moment, without anticipation of things to come.



what you get

After a Naked Erotic Massage session you may experience not just relaxation but a rush of revitalisation. Guided breathing aided will help calm your mind, while the rise of your sexual energy will provide you with an energy boost. The end result tends to be a greater sense of balance and intense Orgasms.

The setting

I provide with a quiet, preferably dim, space with a bed, a futon mattress, or a blanket and pillows on the floor or a massage couch, it's your choice!. The temperature in the room will be a little warmer than normal because we will both be nude. Lighting candles will keep the lighting subdued and also help generate heat. Always oills and lubricants should be within easy reach.

MAle touch

My touch is soft and warm with a Naked Erotic style.
With my hands I will release your stress and pain as you desire.
Once you get one of my m4m massage sessions, you will not regret it, you will feel amazing with no stress at all, you are going to want to continue and off course call me back.

About me

I'm open minded, healthy and have a really nice smooth skin. I'm friendly, sexy and love to have intimate fun.! If you're looking for a good erotic or sensual Naked Erotic massage with strong hands and a caring touch.I AM YOUR GUY.


I enjoy being nude for the entire session to include full body contact, mutual touching, and using my hands to arouse and satisfy you.

I offer the very best in intimate erotic male massage and full-service erotic gay Naked Erotic massage in Central London. I combine elements of deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and my own intuition of the human body in order to provide an experience that is truly unforgettable.

I take my job very seriously. I am a real massage therapist, trained and licensed in the United Kingdom. My primary objective is to give a great overall massage. I also understand that we are human, and have other needs this is why I started erotic Massages for men. Most my clients are men, gay and straight. I'm laid back and judgment free. I'm a very understanding individual, so please feel free to ask me any question. I may not be able to comply with all requests, but I will do all I feel I can to ensure a great massage experience for all my clients

Client Testimonials
“ He makes you feel welcome and concentrates on your well-being. What makes him such an outstanding masseur is his attention to pleasing his clients. He is genuinely charming and caring.”

David, Manchester

“Great hands, warm mouth and a very nice home environment with comfortable setting. Complete satisfaction that left me smiling. Deep tissue where I need it and a soft but firm touch where I like it.”

Phillip, London

Daniel is definitely one of the friendliest and warm massuers in London that I have found. I've been trying to find a regular masseur, and I know I have found the perfect one. Thank you David and I will see you soon!!”

Lucas S., Australia

erotic Techniques

Using specific breath and muscle contraction exercises you will learn to extend, prolong, and intensify your pleasure far beyond your known experience bringing unknown possibility into known reality. Find intimacy far beyond what you knew was possible.
erotic Massage

erotic has been around for thousands of years and teaches people how to connect with their bodies and the universe at a cosmic level. Of course getting to this stage takes time and practice, however the intensely intimate connection you’ll form will be one of the most satisfying sexual experiences you’ll encounter. Naked Erotic sex sounds intimidating, but taking some tips from the ancient practice sets you up for electrifying full-body orgasms that you can feel from your fingertips down to your toes.

One essential element of erotic is taking time to become absorbed in oneself and your partner. The methods learned and used in Naked Erotic sex provide sensations and sexual pleasure far more intense and complex than just a simple orgasm. In Naked Erotic sex, the orgasm is simply a by-product of the connectedness we feel with our partner.

  • Take It Slow.

  • Don't focus on your erection.

  • Breathe In and Out as loud as you want to.

  • Relax and enjoy the moment.

  • Be ready to pull back your Orgasms.

Naked Erotic Male G-Spot Massage £120

The prostate is the centre for not only men's sexual desires, but also his disappointments, hates, hostilities, stresses, and feelings of inadequacy. Unreleased negative emotions, stored in the male G-spot, are an important source of prostate gland problems.
Male G-spot massage can also be used to enhance lovemaking. The massage is more pleasurable for a man when he is sexually excited, and it will produce a mind-blowing ejaculation if it's done during lovemaking. Regular sexual activity is good for the male G-spot because the rush of blood and energy, as well as the prostate's pulsations during ejaculation, help the gland to maintain its muscular strength and flexibility and also act to cleanse the organ. Regular ejaculation also helps to release the emotional blockages that cause hardening of the prostate gland and tightening of the surrounding tissues. MY RATES FOR A G SPOT MASSAGE ARE £120 FOR 90 MINUTES.

Enjoy my natural instinct and exquisite skilled talents, while you feel comfortable on my table and experience pleasure, the sensual touch of my hands all over your body, while I work on your daily man tensions. Always offering an outstanding Naked Erotic Sensual yet Erotic male massage. I work on your entire body as well as a soft touch to caress your skin and make you feel even more relaxed. It's an excellent way to reward yourself and being taken cared of!

A man's body requires special man on man stimulation from time to time. I am without a doubt your London Masseur. My goal is to make you completely satisfied from head to toe. Don't be afraid to tell me what part of you is sore and needs attention during the full body massage part of my services. As I'm stoking and rubbing your tightness away you'll be without question headed towards bliss while fully submitting to my strong large hands. If you are looking for a really masculine man to show you how different a massage by a man then give me a call. There's nothing like getting a man to man massage by a masculine dude like me. I work on straight men, gay men, married men. My massage is for men that want to feel another man's hands all over their body.


are your rates?

I am experienced with a range of gay male health issues and my clients find my work helpful with relieving spasm, work stress, overuse syndromes and recovery from illness and injury. I work in a warm, quiet studio in Central London. I work on a padded table and use a non-scented body lotion.

Come over, and relax on my massage table and enjoy my talented hands.




The easy way to BOOK /AVAILABILITY/contact me is to call me on my mobile:
CLICK HERE TO CALL ME NOW: 0 7 8 7 8 7 9 1 1 9 7













My sessions are extremely sensual and I can personally guarantee you will be checking your will book another appointment with me ;) !

I've trained hard to get where I'm at and to provide the best service I possibly can. I'm easy to get along with and very laid back. I'm clean, professional and always on time.

I present myself in a very respectful manner. I offer an amazing experience for gentleman that appreciate an upscale experience in an upscale environment .

And remember that It doesn't matter whether you are a gay male, bisexual man, in between, or simply a man who likes other men in London. I'm open to seeing you all. Namaste.

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